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By Burt Yost Appliance Repairman on Oct 21, 2017 at 10:59 PM in Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

Dear Friends, 

Can you believe it’s fall already, and winter is just around the corner? This is the season for family gatherings and delicious meals.  Is your refrigerator ready for the relatives?  The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home … because, food! It’s also the most hardworking—it’s the one appliance that never gets to rest.


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Below we're sharing several tips on how to clean and maintain your refrigerators to keep it working properly. 

Have a regular refrigerator cleaning schedule:  Every day, make sure to clean up spills and to throw out spoiled food. This way, you prevent the growth of mold. Every week, wipe doors, edges, and the top of the refrigerator. A clean exterior also helps keep your refrigerator energy efficient.   And at least twice a year, clean out the interior of your refrigerator. To do so, turn off the power and empty its contents. Take out the shelves and drawers. Martha Stewart recommends wiping the interiors with a baking soda solution. Make sure that shelves and drawers are at room temperature before you wash them with warm soapy water—dish soap is preferable. Rinse everything, then wipe them dry with a clean rag. Don’t forget to wipe food containers and cartons clean, too! Once done, return all contents back to the fridge.

Clean off condenser coils and cooler fan: Condenser coils and cooler fans keep your refrigerator’s interiors cool, cleaning them at least once a year will minimize refrigerator repair calls. To begin, make sure to unplug your refrigerator. You may need your refrigerator manufacturer’s manual to access your condenser coils and cooler fan. The idea is to get dirt, dust, and gunk off the coils, the fan, and the areas around them. There are special brushes for this task. Once done, vacuum and clean up all the dirt, then plug your refrigerator back. Easy-peasy.

Set the right temperature:  Keep the temperature in your refrigerator (below 40°F, ideally 35°F) and freezer (at 0°F) at a consistent temperature to ensure that food quality is properly preserved. 

Make sure doors seal tightly:  When you take something out of the refrigerator, make sure that the doors properly close. If they don’t, this means that cool air is seeping out and may be affecting your energy costs. Regularly clean the gasket or seal with a vinegar and water solution. If the gasket no longer provides an air-tight seal, have a refrigerator repair service replace them.

Keep it full (but not crowded!):  This seems counter-intuitive, but an empty refrigerator is less energy efficient than a full one. That’s because when you open an empty fridge, there is likely more warm air to rush into it. If you don’t have food to keep, at least keep it full with bottles of water.  Be careful not to cover air vents! 

You can read up on more refrigerator maintenance tips on our blog.

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A. Walker

Indeed, the refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in homes and is also the most hardworking. This is the reason why getting qualified Santa Barbara appliance repair services is crucial when need for repairs arise.

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Very relevant tips you have here, just in time for the holidays and festivities. With the holidays around the corner, we definitely cannot afford to lose the usefulness of our refrigerators. I'm glad to know that there is a reliable Santa Barbara appliance repair service available in case of emergencies.