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Homeowners: 17 Answers To Your Most Important Appliance Repair Questions Of 2012

By Burt Yost Appliance Repairman on Jan 20, 2013 at 11:04 PM

As a Santa Barbara appliance repair service, Yost Appliance answers hundreds of questions every year from homeowners needing appliance repair.

As a homeowner, there will likely come a point in time when repairing a household appliance is just too complicated to tackle on your own. For Santa Barbara homeowners, the complexity of appliance repair projects can vary dramatically depending on the appliance and the type of repair that is needed.

Below, you will find the most common appliance repair questions of 2012, as submitted by local Santa Barbara homeowners to Yost Appliance. The questions cover garbage disposal repair, dishwasher repair, oven repair, freezer repair, refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair and several pricing and saftey considerations.

1. Should I make the repair myself or call a professional?

It depends on your skillset and confidence making the repair. If it is a simple repair such as replacing the light in your refrigerator, then go for it. However, if it is something more substantial, like replacing an old belt on your dryer, then you may want to call a professional. That is, unless you have done so before, or know someone that can coach you through it.

2. If I don't how to make a repair what should I do?

If you are at all hesitant, it is best to contact a professional small appliance repair service to take care of your problem. Repairs to home appliances require years of knowledge and skill and are often dangerous to attempt on your own.

3. I need a Santa Barbara appliance repair service and discounted parts, where should I go?

Anyone qualified will have a large stock common parts for most appliances in your home. Searching online for parts is not the best idea because they are usually aftermarket and inferior parts, and difficult to return.

4. What is a good brand of dryer to buy?

Whirlpool is a good option because they are American made and higher quality. Parts are readily accessible and easier to obtain.

5. Do you recommend buying the same brand for both washer and dryer?

Yes, you should always buy a matching set. It makes for easier repairs and warranty issues. It is also easier to sell if you have a matching set.

6. What if my dryer is making a high-pitched, screeching noise?

This most likely means the belt needs replacing. Do not attempt to fix on your own! There are very dangerous high circuit wires inside of dryers that can shock you right into a hospital bed.

7. How much does it cost to replace a dryer belt?

It varies, obviously, but if you already have the necessary tools to make the repair, the belt itself shouldn't cost more than $20. Our service call is $65. The service call includes the trip charge and diagnosis fee. The service call is waived with repair after written estimate approval.

8. My dryer doesn’t put off any heat, what is the problem?

It is best to check the heat settings on your dryer to make sure they didn't accidentally get turned down. If that’s not it, you may have an issue with the heater circuit, fuse and/or the centrifugal switch on the motor.

9. What garbage disposal brand should I buy?

We prefer a brand called InSinkErator.

10. How much does it cost to repair a garbage disposal?

In this situation a technician is required in order to fully inspect key areas surrounding the plumbing and sink. Paying a service call fee to a technician in this case is very valuable. Letting this problem go unfixed could result in a much more expensive repair job if the kitchen floors become damaged.

11. My garbage disposal makes a buzzing sound when I turn it on, what should I do?

This most likely means there is something blocking the blades. You should turn it off, attempt to unblock it, and then turn it back on. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to hit the reset switch located under the sink or consult a professional.

12. Where can I find a trusted stove repair service in Santa Barbara?

We've been doing stove repairs since 1969 and have participated in over 1,000 Santa Barbara stove repair jobs over the last few decades. It would be advisable to call a technician immediately if you smell strange gas coming from your stove. There have been many cases of 220 ovens producing electrical shock and only a professional should diagnose and repair.

13. What if my stove burners won't light?

This can be a difficult repair; you should probably call a professional unless you have fixed a similar problem before.

14. Does it make a difference if I clean my stove regularly?

Yes, not cleaning your stove regularly can leave build up, causing hazards and hindering its performance.

15. My dishwasher overflows with soapy water every time I run it, what’s wrong?

Most likely you are using too much soap or the wrong kind of soap.

16. Is it worth it to repair my microwave, or should I just buy a new one?

Depending on the cost of the repair, it may be cheaper just to buy a new microwave.

17. What is the life expectancy of a refrigerator?

They can last a number of years, even decades, if taken care of and repaired properly by brushing the coils under the front kick plate.

Whether you are attempting to repair that old refrigerator sitting in the garage, or a frequently used garbage disposal, hopefully this Q and A points you in the right direction and gives you a few keen insights.

Remember, as a good rule of thumb, the more expensive the appliance, the more consideration you should give to consulting a professional repair service.

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Homeowners: 17 Answers To Your Most Important Appliance Repair Questions Of 2012