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Most Common Refrigerator Repair Issues

By Burt Yost Appliance Repairman on Nov 20, 2015 at 03:07 PM in Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

In a world that is governed by electronic gadgets and devices, we often fail to appreciate just how important some of the more mundane appliances are. The one that is perhaps the most indispensable is often taken for granted; that is until it fails us.  A lost mobile device, a microwave that is on the fritz or no access to our WIFI for the evening are mere inconveniences when compared to the panic that sets in when your refrigerator goes kaput! Not only does a new fridge come with a hefty price tag, there is also the time involved in selection, purchase and delivery of a new unit.  Add to this the inevitable expense and waste of food spoilage and the entire experience can take days and become a serious drain on finances.

With the ease of access to information that we enjoy today, many people think that they are equipped to troubleshoot, identify the issue and conduct the repairs with impunity.  All this armed only with a quick internet search and a DIY video.  In the effort to save a few dollars they may find themselves in worse shape than when they started.

The best way to save money and headaches in the long run is to hire a professional repair company.  Yost Appliance's professionally trained service technicians provide same day service and free service calls with repairs, saving you money and time.  They are able to identify the problem and repair almost all makes and models of appliances. Let the professionals take the guesswork out of your refrigerator woes and help you with the following common refrigerator repair issues and more:

Most Common Whirlpool and Kirkland Refrigerator Repair Issues

Modern frost-free refrigerators have two fans working to regulate internal and external temperature.  The condenser fan is located under the unit, cooling the compressor and ensuring its longevity.  The second fan is the evaporator fan, which is found inside the refrigerator.  The evaporator fan is responsible for the even distribution of airflow around the internal coils, keeping the temperature consistent throughout. If the condenser fan fails, there may be no immediate effects on the function of the refrigerator.  This can lead some to assume that there is no need for repairs.  The reality is that left unchecked, a damaged condenser fan will lead to the compressor overheating and eventually burning out entirely.  When the evaporator fan ceases to function, there is a more immediate and noticeable impact; lack of air circulation leads to a discernible difference in air circulation and temperature consistency. In either event, it is imperative to call in professionals at the first sign of trouble; small repairs done in a timely fashion are preferable to the costly alternative.  Of the popular brands on the market, the ones most prone to issues with one or both fans are Whirlpool and Kirkland, both of which Yost are able to service with skill and ease.

Most Common Maytag, GE and Samsung Refrigerator Repair Issues

The electronic control board maintains all of the primary functions of the refrigerator. It regulates temperature and airflow, ensures fan operation and controls the electronic features such as lights, alarms and defrost schedules. A malfunctioning control board can be due to wiring, sensor and voltage supply issues.  While Maytag, GE and Samsung are the most common culprits of board malfunction, this problem can occur in any brand or model.

The Most Common Amana and Kenmore Refrigerator Repair Issues

The thermostat is the backbone of a refrigerator's cooling system. It is normally located inside the unit and has a manual control knob for temperature adjustment. It senses the internal temperature of the unit and regulates it by communicating with the compressor to ensure the removal of warm air. A refrigerator's heating unit kicks in to carry out the unit's defrost cycle. It works to defrost the cooling elements and evaporator coils.  Damage to either of these components will lead to inconsistent temperatures and food waste due to spoilage or freezing of refrigerator contents. Of the top brands, Amana seems to present the biggest concern with thermostat and heater issues.

The Most Common Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair Issues

As some Frigidaire refrigerator owners have experienced, excessive icing in the freezer compartment or the presence of ice in the refrigerator compartment can be indicative of a clogged freezer drain line or drain hole. This might be attributed to the accumulation of debris or a buildup of ice on these components.  It is not advisable to try and clear out clogs related to foreign substances without the help of a professional with specialized equipment to flush out the lines.  To identify the cause of persistent ice formation in either the fridge or freezer compartments, a professional appliance repair technician should be consulted. This issue could be related to thermostat, heater or control panel malfunction and needs to be investigated properly.

Most people wouldn't attempt to repair their car, roof or plumbing without the proper training and credentials, this sense of self-preservation should hold true for appliance repair as well. In the words of the late Paul "Red" Adair, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."

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