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Sweetheart Deal on Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

By Burt Yost Appliance Repairman on Feb 10, 2016 at 04:02 PM in Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

A romantic night with your sweetheart can be as simple as a movie night at home, as elaborate as a whirl-wind getaway and everything in between. Don't risk ruining your special dinner date with your special someone! Trust Yost Appliance to keep your appliances running smooth, and avoid the following “un-romantic” scenarios.

Refrigerator Repair: You’re planning a romantic dinner at home with your valentine.  You’ve spent a lot of time and money preparing the house and setting the mood. When you arrive home and begin to unpack you realize that the interior of your refrigerator is warmer than room temperature. Panic sets in, you call your neighbor to see if they have room to store your food but nobody is home. Your perishables are going to perish and dinner is ruined! You realize that the funny noise that you thought was “nothing” was definitely something. Calling Yost Appliance at the first sign of trouble would have saved time and money.

Dishwasher Repair: Your home-cooked Valentine’s day dinner was a success. From appetizer to dessert, everything was perfect. You quickly load the dishwasher so you can get back to your romantic evening. When you start the machine?  NOTHING happens. That’s when you remember that you were supposed to call Yost Appliance. If the dishes sit all night, they’ll be even harder to clean.  Hand washing the entire load is your only option. By the time you’re done the dishes it’s late, the evening is over and you have to skip the rest of your plans.

Washer Repair:  You sweetheart has planned a surprise night on the town.  You don’t know what the evening will bring, all you’ve been told is to wear that “special” outfit that they love so much. You  throw it in the machine so it is fresh and clean for your Valentine’s day outing only to find out that the washer is broken. Your special outfit is dirty and you have nothing else to wear. Thankfully Yost Appliances offers same day service! You are able to get one of our professionally trained technicians to your home to fix your machine and run your load with time to spare. Valentine’s day is saved thanks to Yost Appliance.

Dryer Repair: The airline tickets are bought, the hotel room has been booked and all you have left to do is dry the load of laundry you have in the washing machine and pack it all in your suitcase. You transfer everything you need for your trip into the dryer when you discover it isn’t working.  Your entire wardrobe for your romantic getaway is sopping wet and there is no time to wait for them to air dry.  If you had had your dryer serviced by Yost Appliance could have saved yourself the stress and difficulty of hand-wringing and packing damp clothes for your trip!



Frequently asked questions about Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

Q: How long have you been providing Santa Barbara appliance repair services?

A: Yost Appliance has been operating in the region since 1969 making us the oldest appliance repair service company in Santa Barbara.

Q: What is the fee for service calls?

A: We value your business and are pleased to offer free service calls with all repairs.

Q: What are your current specials?

A: Senior discounts are available you can also like us on Facebook or mention this website to receive a special internet discount.


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